The Nepal army service kukri is the special kukri that are assigned to Nepal army and police for their service period. These are a very special and strong khukuri made especially for the army and police. They carry this kukri from the beginning of their career and take it as a token after they retire. The kukri stays with the serving officer for life. The kukri is specially made for combat purposes, the Nepali army and Police have carried this kukris for hundreds of years. The kukri is a symbol of bravery to Nepal army and Police. This khukuri is hand made in Dharan, Eastern part of Nepal by skilled craftsmen.

This exceptional kukri is brought to you for your liking by Our khukuri collections are made by skilled artisans of Nepal and are of the best quality available. Kukri can be used for multiple purposes; it can be used for household work like chopping woods or cutting meats can be presented as a gift to knife collectors and is a perfect tool for hunters. Browse through our wide range of Nepal army service kukri and let us know your preferred choice and we shall deliver it to you within 4 to 7 working days. We offer FREE shipping on all our products.

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