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Balanced Khukuri are a little bit different in shapes and design than the regular traditional Nepali Khukuri. Gurkha knife is specially designed for Commando for tactical usage. These Khukuris are being used by army and soldiers in various operations. The blade can be different from a typical khukuri, it may not be curved in shape as the regular khukuri, it is usually straight in shape, with the sharp upper part of the blade as well serrated end in some, which can be used to cut through ropes or wires in different scenarios. The blade is Highly graded Carbon, a  full tang Khukuri usually two to three rivets, along with a small hole at the base of the handle to insert a wire or a ring so that the Khukuri can be carried in the buckle or a belt. The handle can be bone, wood or horn depending upon the product, which is glued by Laha, a traditional Nepali Glue.

  • 11 Inch Balance Khukri


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