How to get your Gurkha Kukri Clean?

Following are the best ways to take care of Kukri or Gurkha Kukri clean

1. Apply machine/gun oil on the blade at least once a month or every time after use. Do not leave your finger prints on the blade.

2. If rust develops on the blade, first clean the blade with some petrol (gasonline) then with fine sandpaper rub to clean the rust off, then wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply oil.

3. For leather case use shoe polish to polish it, brass polish for brass, and silver polish for silver cases from time to time to keep your Gurkha kukri in fine shape.

4 Though you can use both side of the blunt chakmak to sharpen the blade. However, we recommend sharpening stone with which you can achieve better and faster result.

5. If Gurkha kukri is not use for prolong period of time then oil the blade properly, wrap it in plastic or polythene bag, and keep it out of the scabbard and same for the two small knives.

6. Store your Gurkha kukri in a normal dry temperature.

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