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Gurkha Kukri Knife is the finest and largest maker of traditional and modern kukri in the world today. Gurkha Kukri Knife is proud to have supplied the British Army Gurkha regiments with the Kukri that they use in both drill and battle, world-wide: We also have also supplied Kukri wide variety of military, police, and commercial security agencies in Nepal and throughout the world. Each of our knives is handcrafted one-at-a-time by a traditional caste of smiths called Kami. Using centuries-old techniques of the Kukri making process.

We offer wide range of hand-forged kukri knives of all types and sizes; from classic to traditional to ultra-modern, mini to large, village to army, from kitchen to jungle to military, regulars to survival to special custom kukri, bowie & machete.

Buy high-quality Kukri & knives for the best price guaranteed. User-friendly and well-managed website having 100% secured online payment system and fast shipping and delivery.
Yes, these are the knives forged to serve for your lifetime. Trusted, reviewed, and recommended by the knife community, experts, users & customers from all over the world.

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