The Black Farmer kukri is mostly used by hard working people of rural and village area of Nepal for their daily activities like cutting fire woods and households activities. The use of black farmer khukuri is vast. The Black Farmer Khukuri (kukri) is made for working purpose so the quality of this khukuri is exceptional. This Black Farmer or Village khukuri (kukri) is a very strong it has been built to withstand a lot of work. The blade of black farmer khukuri is blunt it does not have that shiny character which is made from highly graded carbon with water purring temper on the edge of the blade which makes it strong than other blades. Other kukri after using if you forget to clean it will get rust soon but like this black farmer kukri after working you don’t need to clean because it’s black shine with balance temper does not allow to get rust.

Browse through our collection of various qualities and size of black farmer kukri which is handmade by local and skilled craftsmen of Nepal who has been producing quality khukuri from generations. We bring you these quality handmade black farmer kukri for your liking. We are the trusted and certified supplier of Gurkha kukri all over the world. We provide you best product for value for money and we even offer FREE shipping all over the world.

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