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Dhankute kukri is a very unique and beautiful kukri which is specially made for the Gurkhas working for the British army when a Gurkha retires from his service he will receive this kukri as a memento. The most unique and beautiful thing about this kukri is its Scabbard which is made up of pure silver filigree with a velvet cover. The work and the design of the silver on the scabbard are very immaculately done with the Regimental cap badges mounted on it. The velvet displays the regiment colors, e.g green for 7GR, Black for 10gr etc. The colors of the respective Regiment are kept as a background using the high-quality velvet. The blade is used to display in houses and mostly bought by the Knife collectors. The blade is made up of highly graded carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160). The handle is made up of water buffalo horn, glued by Nepali Glue called Laha. The scabbard is made up of pinewood with velvet and decorated with pure silver. This may have a symbol of kukri or the national bird of Nepal or various other symbols.

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