Gurkha Kukri Knife brings you historical and antique kukris which have been used during the major war times like the 1st and 2nd world war by the brave Gurkha soldiers of Nepal. Our collection of Antique kukri has written history during the war times and is brought to you for your collection of rarity and antique. We have kukri as old as 50 to 100 years and most of our collection is the replica of the oldest khukuri used made for the sole purpose of collection of antiques and souvenirs’. Our shop has various Antique and traditional khukuri which has been passed down through the generations by the kukri makers for hundreds of years.

We have collected some of the antique kukris from different parts of Nepal. These kukri were used by Ex-Gurkha Army (soldiers) in the historic war. Most of the blades are marked in Devanagari script with the date of manufacture, Gurkha regiments. Some are army kind that was used and carried by the soldiers for many years while in service and some are village kind that was used by locals and farmers all over Nepal as a tool and as a weapon using them on multiple task from chopping trees, firewood’s, building houses to many domestic work like in the kitchen while cooking. In this category, you can see some of the unique antique pieces of different sizes and design.

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