Iraqi kukri is the special kukri which is carried by Gurkha soldiers who provide their service in Iraq. Most of the Iraqi kukri has a special kind of blocker and gripper handle which makes it extremely comfortable to carry and to use it. The grip of the handle is made in such a way that it fights right in the fingers, making it easy to hold the kukri comfortably.  The sheath of this kukri is made to suit the environment and weather of Iraq. It has a full tang blade with a triple fuller blade, fixed to rosewood handle with 3 rivets and traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The kukri comes with two small accessory blades which are used for polishing and sharpening along with a water buffalo and pinewood scabbard.

Browse through our collection of various qualities and size of Iraqi kukri which is handmade by local and skilled craftsmen of Nepal who has been producing quality kukri from generations. We bring you these quality handmade Iraqi kukri for your liking. We are the trusted and certified supplier of Gurkha khukuri all over the world. We provide you best product for value for money and we even offer FREE shipping all over the world.

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