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Gurkha Kukri Knife shop is top provider and distributor of Kukri knives in Nepal and around the sector. Based in 2010 with the aid of Mingma Lama, the corporation has grown to emerge as a major force inside the sale and deliver of these famed knives. The knives and Kukris that we promote on the Gurkhakukriknife.com are all made in Nepal with the aid of Bishwakarma/Kami caste from Chainpur, Bhojpur, and Dhankuta in eastern Nepal. Bishwakarma/Kami are the conventional inheritors of the artwork of kukri-making. But they’ve acquired most inhuman treatment from the ‘excessive castes ’ thru caste-based discrimination, such as untouchability.

It’s miles our endeavour assist to help those local artisans and keep traditional art of Kukri making while offering customers with greatest great Kukris.  through our partnership with local artisan (Biswakarma/Kami),  they’re able to make 15 to 30 percent greater that what they might generally get from selling their crafts in the local markets at the same time as retaining their talent set and thereby preventing them from becoming a member of the unskilled labor pressure.

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