Ex Gurkha Khukuri House Nepal

The value of a Gurkha Kukri knife is in its heritage and where it was made. Therefore, when buying a Kukri knife, you want to deal with a company that understands and appreciates the significance and history of the Kukri knife. That store is none other than the Gurkha Kukri Knife, a distinct part of the Ex Gurkha Khukuri house. Aside from the value of the Kukri knives you’ll find at this store, there is also the added benefit of having a wide-selection to choose from, a great store front and expertly crafted Kukri knives.

Let’s take an unbiased, critical view of this Kukri store of this ex Gurkha Khukuri house review.

Ex Gurkha Khukuri House Review

The Ex Gurkha Khukuri house boats one of the best and largest collection of traditional Kukri knives in the world. And the Gurkha Kukri Knife online store borrows from this lasting heritage to bring this vision of the Gurkha Khukuri house in Nepal to the world. As the preferred supplier of Kukri knives to the British Army, these authentic Nepalese store takes great care in maintaining the quality of products sold in its stores including Gurkha Kukri Knife. Each of the Kukris you will find on the store is authentic, made in Nepal and of the highest quality. They are all made by hand, each one taking at least a day to complete by some of the Ex Gurkha Khukuri house’s best craftsmen.

The knives are also sold and shipped worldwide to various destinations including the United States. The store had also supplied various other military outfits, police and security agencies including the American and German embassies.

The Craftsmanship 

The knives are made by different Kami from different regions of Nepal exclusively for the Ex Gurkha Khukuri house to guarantee a variety of style and craftsmanship. Distinct design and variation in design is guaranteed since the store commissions Kami from all over Nepal to design and create the knives. As such the Kukri, you find at this Kukri house are diverse enough to meet the needs of even the most design conscious clients. Kami from areas like Bhojpure, Salvan, Chainpure and Dhankuta infuse their own unique traditions to the Kukri they create. The result is a wide range of different and intricately designed knives.

The Kami make all the knives by hand, hammering out the design using the most ancient methods. An infusion of a few modern techniques result in a modern battle-ready Kukri, useful to any soldier in batter today as it was in yester-years.

It is also worth pointing out that custom designs are also commissioned and made to match your specific tastes. The Ex Gurkha Khukuri house Kami can bring your vision of the perfect Kukri to life.

The Products 

The online store front is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you need. All knives are laid out in a clean, uncluttered online store front with all the information you need. The images used as depictions of the Kukri are clear and an accurate representation of what you will get when you buy the knife. There is also a correct depiction of just much you will pay for the Kukri of your choice.

It is in variety that the store scores major points. There are knives for the average person, knives for those who prefer more intricate design and everything in between. The sizes of the knives also vary depending on customer’s need and preference. There are blades up to 22 inches long and some smaller. And if you can’t find the right knife for you, you can always have one custom made. There are also additional related products.

The Experience 

All these products and a fancy storefront are all good. But an online store selling custom products like the Kukri needs to make it easy for the buyer to get their products. This store borrows from the Ex Gurkha Khukuri house to provide a customer experience that is unrivaled. When you click on an item that you want to purchase on the store, the image is enlarged so you can get a clearer picture of what you’re buying. There are different views of the product, just to make sure you are buying the right one.

Once you’re happy with the product, all you have to do is click on the add to cart button just as you would at any other online store. The ease of purchase is further made easier by the payment process is just as customized for your convenience. You can choose to checkout with PayPal which allows you to pay with your PayPal balance or your credit card.

If you qualify, you are also able to make payment using PayPal Credit where you get 6 months to pay for the product. The whole buying process is simple and precise. To move from one product to another or buying multiple products is equally as easy, although you will need to go back to the store to add more products to the cart.

Shipping of Orders and Customer Service

Once you’ve paid for the product, the next concern is how to get your one of a kind knife to you. Gurkha Kukri Knife uses the world’s leading carriers to ensure the product gets to you in one piece. Solid partnerships with UPS, FedEx, DHL and others ensures you won’t have to wait for too long to get your product to you.

Should you experience any problems with shipping or any other product related questions, the store does have one of the best customer service. You can contact the customer service via chat, email or phone and they respond to every query immediately.


· A wide selection of Kukri knives to choose from

· Reputable store that sells to the best in the business and trusted by the British army, American and German embassies

· Custom orders available

· Expert craftsmanship that retains the tradition of the ancient Kukri fame

· Fast shipping and professional packaging

· Cost-effective pricing


· You can’t add multiple products to the cart at one go

Final Verdict

As part of the Ex Gurkha Khukuri house, Gurkha Kukri Knifes offers international Kukri enthusiasts, one of a kind custom products. All products are designed with the utmost perfection in both craftsmanship and design. The fact that users can order custom made Kukri’s mean that the store had dedicated itself to offering the best to the target market. Other logistics such as shipping and packaging as well as the website’s navigation are all designed to make the process quite enjoyable to the buyer.

It the premier way to purchase these legendary Nepalese weapons in a safe, ideal environment at affordable rates.

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