• Kukri Knife for sale

    Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Kukri Knife for SaleIntroduction:In the world of knives, few possess the rich history, versatility, and raw cutting power that the kukri knife embodies. Originating from the hills of Nepal, the kukri has evolved from a traditional utility tool to a symbol of strength and precision. If you’re on …

  • Gurkha Service Kukri From Nepal

    Title: Unveiling the Gurkha Service Kukri from Nepal: A Timeless Tradition of Strength and Precision Introduction: In the realm of legendary blades, the Gurkha Service Kukri from Nepal stands out as a symbol of unparalleled strength and precision. For generations, these iconic knives have been an integral part of the Gurkha tradition, showcasing a rich heritage …

  • History of Gurkha Kukri Knife

    The Rich and Fascinating History of the Gurkha Kukri Knife The Gurkha Kukri knife is a unique and highly regarded knife that is known for its distinctive shape and incredible strength. Originating from Nepal, this knife has a rich cultural history and a fascinating past that have earned it a place in both military and …

  • Kukri making video

    See Kukri making video from end to finish.

  • Best kukri for the money in 2019

    Best kukri for the money in 2019 The kukri which can be spelled as Kukri is the national weapon of Nepal. Khukuri is a special kind of knife which has a distinctive inwardly curved shaped blade.  Khukuri is not just a weapon but is also a traditional and cultural utility knife to all the people …

  • A guide to buying genuine Gurkha kukri knife

    Not only fond of military equipment’s but also people who frequently go for adventures trips and outdoor activities – require some ultimate tools to help them in any unexpected situations. One of such life saving products is – genuine gurkha kukri knife. A person who is familiar with different type of knifes or daggers would …

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