Gurkha Kukri Knife Offers various quality of British Gurkha Service Khukuri. British Gurkha Service Khukuri (kukri) is famous and desirable amongst the Gurkha soldiers all around the world. This khukuri is handed to all the British Gurkha soldiers at their beginning days after getting selected into the British Gurkha service and the shoulders keep this khukuri throughout their service. The khukuri is handed over to each British Gurkha soldiers with pride and dignity and they keep their khukuri with respect throughout their entire life. All British Khukuri comes with a custom made leather scabbard and two small khukuri called Chakmak and Karda which is used for sharpening the blade and skinning small animals.
We bring you the best khukuri available anywhere. Our British Gurkha service kukri is handmade by skilled craftsmen known as kami Biswokarmas in Nepal who have been making the best khukuri since centuries. Our producer is official suppliers to British Gurkha regiments, Nepal Army, Singapore Police, so you can be assured they are the finest quality available anywhere. We provide FREE shipping worldwide on all our products. FREE shipping is available for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain Germany and other European countries.

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